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What is a De-stress massage?

Stress is becoming epidemic. These days our lives are busier than ever before and even our downtime is filled with screens and beeps and scrolling! Trying to fit our families around our jobs as well as finding time to exercise, eat well, stay on top of all the jobs around the house and also see our friends means it’s hard to find time to… just relax.

What can you expect?

Destress Massage is specially designed to give people an hour of absolute escapism and intense relaxation. There are rules with this one; no talking, no thinking about what’s for dinner, instead, focus on the treatment, it’s like meditation without the effort!

It is a really calming treatment that helps you to fully switch off, forget your worries and let your body truly, deeply relax. 

You can choose between light or medium pressure. 

If you need firmer pressure please visit my Deep Tissue massage treatment. 

Back, Neck and Shoulders

30 mins session


Full Body

60 mins session


Full Body

90 mins session


Gemma R.
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I've been going to Adrienne since the first day she opened and for the last few years visiting her for either a deep tissue or de stress full body massage every 2-4 weeks. It is the best massage I've ever had, with so much care, effort and professionalism. I always get a full hour plus time to change etc without rushing and get totally pampered with hot towels, eye mask, scalp massage if I want it. Her room has been renovated and is beautifully decorated and always spotless. I suffer from chronic pain and back problems as well as fibromyalgia and Adrienne usually feels where I need treatment the most without me telling her and knows my body well.
Christine B.
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Adrienne is the professional beauty advisor. went for a full body massage due to lower back pain . Due to the reopening after covid, felt so safe using this service she provided. after my treatment was feeling totally relaxed and pain free. looking forward to my next treatment. Highly recommend.
Nicky B.
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Professional service, best place for relaxation and replenishment. Adrienne makes me feel like a queen every time