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What is Deep extraction or Acne Facial?

Deep extraction Facial is a medical facial treatment involving a 4 steps procedure that penetrates your skin deeply to remove dirt and debris that accumulates in your pores. This treatment is the best solution to achieve a clear, radiant complexion.

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Stage 1: The Peel

Usually, a mild glycolic acid peel is applied to exfoliate the skin. I adapt each deep cleansing facial treatment to your skin type, e.g. oily, dry, sensitive, young, or mature, for the best results. The first peel can be replaced by microdermabrasion if your skin condition does not allow for a glycolic peel. Exfoliation will remove the top layer of dead skin cells revealing fresh new skin beneath. Once the skin is prepped, I will apply a thermal heating mask to open pores and ensure deeper and more accurate penetration of the active ingredients.

Stage 2: Deep Extraction of Blackheads & Whiteheads


Following the peel, I will extract blackheads and whiteheads using a magnifying glass to help clear the skin of all impurities. Extraction of comedones on the T-zone and cheeks will clear clogged or congested pores. With the extraction, I can remove blackheads, whiteheads, or milia using a microneedle. Areas of active acne or inflammation will not be treated at this stage due to chances of scarring.

Stage 3: The Hydration


Next, I will do a lymphatic draining massage and apply potent hydrating or anti-aging creams rich in vitamins and nutrients that penetrate deep into the dermis.


Stage 4: The Cooling procedure


Deep extraction facial will be finishing with calming the skin and preventing excess redness associated with the previous steps. It’s a tranquil, cool, and relaxing way to end the treatment. A cooling mask is used to help cool your skin.

While the mask is working on your skin you will receive a gentle scalp or hand massage for maximum relaxation.