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Micro-needling For Acne Scars—Is It Worth It?

With skincare becoming increasingly high-tech, there are more professional treatments out there than ever before. These high-tech treatments can be great additions to your at-home routine if you’re looking to target specific issues. But while it’s great having all these options, it can also be overwhelming at times. A lot of these treatments advertise similar results, so how do you know which one to pick? 
Because it’s so simple and non-invasive, microneedling is a sought-after professional treatment these days. It’s touted as a treatment for many issues, acne scarring included. But is this really the best treatment for acne scars? Could it actually make scarring worse? In this post, I’ll answer these questions and give an overview of this popular procedure.


What Does Water Really Do for the Skin?

Our bodies are between 55 and 60 percent water, and every cell, tissue, and organ needs a regular supply of water to function properly. This includes our largest organ, the skin. When our bodies aren’t getting enough water, we can see this in the appearance of our skin. While it’s not necessarily that water itself is being delivered to the epidermis, the way that water and the body interact can result in dry, lax, or even oily and broken-out skin. In the worst cases, dry skin might show up as hives or aggravate existing skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Find out more